Story Moment

July 13, 2008

Hello peoples!

I was looking through my stuff on the computer the other day and found a story I wrote a long time ago. My question is… Do YOU (the veiwers) think I should post it on the site?

Please leave your comments and ideas here!


Who #1


Who 3 Gaming Tree

June 14, 2008

hey. its who 3! i just joined the site. if you have suggestions about how to improve our site let us know ASAP! i am in charge of games on the site. if you have game suggestions, leave a comment!!!



Newest Member!

June 14, 2008

Hello viewers! This is Who 1 and 2.

We want to tell you that we have wa new member of the gang. Give a warm welcome to: Who 3!
We hope you keep clickin’ around our site!

Whos 3, 1, and 2



June 14, 2008

Hey guys! This is who 1 and 2 here.

We just wanted to let you know that we are so greatful for you coming on to the site. Nice comments too. But we need more visitors. So spred the news! Tell all your friends and family about our site and keep on coming!


Who 1 and 2

PS: You guys rock!


Who Number Two Cool Site Review

March 14, 2008

Dear visitors,

This is Who #2 with the hottest websites EVER!

  http://qtgirls.wordpress.com/ – The best site for information about almost anything!

  http://cheesechix.wordpress.com/ – The site Who #1’s friends made!

And of course, our site makes the top list!


-Who #2


History: Story Behind the Name

March 13, 2008

Dear visitors,

Ever wonder why the site is called sollew for two? Well,  this snip-it from the song Solla Sollew from Seussical the Musical should put everything together:

There’s a faraway land so the stories all tell
Somewhere beyond the horizon.
If we can find it then all will be well,
Troubles there are few, someday, we’ll go to…
Solla Sollew 

They say breezes are warm there and people are kind.
Maybe it’s something like heaven. I close my eyes
And I see in my mind
Skies of bluest blue
Solla Sollew 

I’ve had so much trouble  finding my way there. When I get close,
It disappears. If we can get there,
We’re gonna stay there
If it takes us miles,
If it takes us years.

High on a mountain or lost on the sea,
Sooner or later, I’ll find it 
I have a picture of how it will be 
On the day I do
And I’ll be home with you. 
Solla Sollew

Troubles will be through, I’ll be home with you
Solla Sollew.


Green Eggs and Ham

March 12, 2008

Dear visitors,

This is another video from Dr.Seuss. Tell us what you think…